tmi post and needing help

JM • 28 started TTC #baby 1 June 2016. 2 and half years 🌟
So basically last year In November I was told that I have pcos. We had been trying since June last year and then In November I found out I had pcos, then we stopped trying and now we want to try again. 
I've been a little upset though because since finding out I have pcos I haven't had a regular period. And before that I was always spot on time I ovulated with opks confirmed and my body signs / and mucus. 
I was very regular with my cycles up till the point of finding out I have pcos then it's gone down hill. The doctors don't know why, they said could have just came or such. 
Now my last period was march 8th. 
I haven't had a period since. So I'm on cd 112 I have never ever experienced this before and it's getting me down a lot. I don't know if I'm ovulating or anything. 
Around the the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th I had a lot of ewcm that I haven't seen in months and months but I had a lot of it this month I'll post photos so you know what I mean, so I have had a heaps of this ewcm and I only used to get this around the time of ovulation.  We did bd between these times of me noticing this ewcm mucus. But cause I haven't had a period does that mean that I wouldn't have ovulated even though I had a heap of this ewcm!? 
Anyone have pcos, and have very irregular periods and conceived ? I'm so scared I'll never be able too :(