So as most of you know there is a nasty virus going around that acts like the flu but it's 10 tome worse well I got it last week. I was throwing up and everything I had lost more than 10 pounds in 24 hours and I called my Dr she told me to go to the er so I did.

So long story short yesterday was my monthly check up and I wasn't told I was seeing another Dr which I was fine with and when the nurse came in I simply asked her would I be seeing this Dr or is this just a one time thing. She told me to hang on and she left the room.

She went to the Dr I was supposed to seeing and told him that I didn't want to see him at all and he got the director of the office involved and said he didn't feel comfortable seeing me she came in and told me this, I was bawling my eyes out explaining that is not what I said and I have some concerns about my son and so she went back out trying to explain the Dr it was all a misunderstanding.

She came back in about 30 minutes later and told me he still felt uncomfortable seeing me so they were scheduling an ultrasound for my concern (which can take weeks) and I had to reschedule with my Dr and the earliest she could get me in was 3 WEEKS!

As the director was rushing me out the office still tears coming down my face everyone ignored the fact that I had concerns about my child I have never in my life experienced this or felt so much embarrassment.