When is the right time to move in with him?

So we have been together six months and he is my first serious boyfriend. He lives alone in his own apartment and I live with my family. Though right now actually I am spending half the week at his and half the week with my family. The first thing is this Sunday when I had to go home I really didn't want to and when I got back felt like it wasn't my home anymore. My boyfriend wants to take things slow but I just had this feeling in my gut that I want to start the process of moving in together. Also because I guess it'd work out a bit cheaper? (Paying two full rents right now). But I read that that's not a good reason to move in. Okay, but originally it was because I felt like my home was there with him and I didn't want to leave.
So now I want to ask my bf if I can start to move in fully. Maybe as a 'test run' to see if we are right for each other and can then think about marriage. But I don't want to come across too intense because he needs space to think it over. But, it just really feels right to me....  Do you think now is a good time to move in and do you have any advice for me? Thanks