am I overreacting? caution very long

Okay so this last school year was my eighth grade year and it was the worst year of my life. It stared out kinda weird because my bestfriend Vanessa* and I had a fight resulting in us not being friends anymore. Luckily we both found new friend groups. Mine had three other girls. They all have know each other from like birth (I moved here in the fifth grade) but made me feel very welcomed. We all hung out at one girls house all the time. I practically lived there. A month or so goes by and I start dating this one guy named Jacob*. Some people weren't supportive from the start because he just ended a relationship with a  friend in high school but I got her approval before I started anything. Then around January, I guess I just got bored or I just liked the newfound popularity but I send this guy named Tony* (he's a fuckboy) booty picture because apparently I have a nice butt. And yea I realize that I was still dating Jacob but whatever I broke up with him the day after anyways. This night some fr tension also started with another friend in the group. I ended up feeling so sorry for Jacob that I got back together with him. This went on until about march and then he sent videos and pictures that I didn't want so at a school dance that he couldn't go to, I let two fuckboys dance with me at the same time, they were both kinda graby but I didn't care. Me and Jacob broke up the next week and he got very depressed. He didn't go to school for awhile and i heard that he told his friends to keep an eye on me. I felt like I was being harassed and stalked. I then started dating this other guy (one of the graby guys from the dance) and things were like normal. Except he was bestfriends with one of my bestfriends (a girl, Stephanie* ) so that made it hard sometimes. After a month he told Stephanie that he was going to break up with me and she didn't tell me before he did it. (But there was only like two minutes in between) but wtf why didn't she tell me?!!  I was pissed for the rest of the day, she tried to make with me and I faked nice with her. I also had some health issues going on at the time (I'm fine now). Okay now if you remember the tension with the other friend? It's because she's been in love with the second guy I dated, jake, and the night I sent the pictures I talked up jake. And then dated him. And when we broke up the friends that loves jake (Lilly),  jake and another person were playing "what are the odds" and jake asked the Lilly "what are the odds you let me grab your boobs" and they both said four. So then he did and my friend group all went against me to "protect me" and didn't tell me that it happened!! I was so mad I didn't so to school for a few days and told my friends to fuck off and to never text me again when they tried to contact me. It as all their fault! Everything!! And I made sure they knew it. They told me that if I kept treating them like this then they couldn't be friends with me. But like I fucking cared. All of this happened in June and I dropped out of school for the rest of the year. Am I overreacting and being to hard on my ex-friends or do they fucking deserve everything fucking thing? 
* names have been changed