I had my LC come to my home yesterday and found that my flanges were the wrong size. I am now using a smaller size, my production has gone up to 30cc total after pumping, and I am hoping that it starts to increase more. I also purchased goats rue (My LC suggested). Crossing fingers this all helps!

My LO is almost 2wks old now. I've been pumping religiously since she was born because of her being 5.5wks early she has had a hard time latching. While in the hospital I was pumping what I could and supplementing with donor milk. Now that we're home, I now have had to supplemt with formula. I power pump once daily, pump every 2-3hrs, I put her on my breasts before feeds just to stimulate, I take Lactation Plus from The Honest Company, I drink 64-80oz of water daily, and I drink the mother's milk tea. This is all I'm producing y'all! I'm going to call my LC tomorrow because this is ridiculous! Any suggestions for me? Am I drying up?? Ugh!