Weight gain


Alright ladies ,

How much weight are you putting on? My doctor told me that I started off over weight since according to my bone structure, I'm small framed and my height, 5'2, that starting my pregnancy out at 137, that I was overweight to begin with on BMI charts. That I should have weighed 98-108. Which I laughed bc I don't remember the last time I was that little. And BMI charts always screw me bc I'm so short. I'm Latina with hips , waist, and boobs. Even in high school where I was very active and healthy, I weighed 120. I talked to my Doctor and she said ideally a woman should only be gaining 15 pounds during pregnancy! I'm nervous to weigh in at my next appointment bc I'm already at 150 at 5 months, and she doesn't want me to go past 160 for the entire pregnancy. I've been wishing out and cutting carbs like she said. I just feel like she's not taking in how im built. I know she means well, and is honestly considered one of the best doctors in Santa Barbara county. It would help me so much to know what the ladies on here are gaining so I can compare. And to help me feel better about how much weight I'm gaining. The picture attached was me at 143 at just 7 weeks. Thanks XO