Boy Drama

(i posted this already but only one response it's kinda long but i need help) 
I met this boy who was extremely nice and flirted with me for a while. Over time i started catching feelings something i don't normally do. I was afraid to show it. Well while I was away at Cheer camp for about a week we lost our "best friend" title on sc. Exactly one week later he sent me to go check out a pic a girl posted of him with "my love❤️❤️".  This hurt me so a day later i asked him how he felt. He said he was the idiot to not know i like him and how he could "never be good enough" and he wants to be "close friends". Only for me to find out through instagram that he's been dating her for about a week. I don't know it hurts me when he sc me pics of her or when he talks ab her. Should i tell him how i feel or should i leave it alone. Should i just stop sc him altogether.