I cant anymore

I get in a fight with the person that claims to love me everyday... today i thought hey maybe we should get in the bath together while baby is asleep. He was asleep so i tried to wake him up a billion times until i finally woke him up and cursed me out i bursted out in tears and then again told him if we could take a bath together he then gets up and goes to the kitchen comes back and tries to hug, i was resented from what he said and he tries to just hug while eating so i said no... he then insults me and pushes me away throws himself on the bed where i had my baby and almost squeezes her. He knew she was there because i had just finished nursing he had a whole bed to jump to but he had to go to where she was so i reacted and smacked him he cursed me out and nearly punched me... he almost killed her once while she was in my womb. Im scared i dont know where to run to and i dont have a job my baby is only 3 weeks. My mom isnt around and my dad lives miles from me... i really cant anymore sometimes i just want this nightmare to end but i love my baby so much