How do I tell him??


When I dated my boyfriend from high school 4.5 years ago, he was the best. Granted we were only 17 and 16 but we knew we wanted forever with each other (what high school relationship doesnt!?). Long story short we ended up splitting. Well after we split, a few months later we were both hanging out at a party, drinking and ended up hooking up, he pulled out since we didn't have protection. No big deal, whatver, carried on with our lives after. Well I was away at college and hadn't gotten my period and started to worry. About a week or so passed I text him asking if he for sure pulled out in time. He called we talked I was terrified. Talked me into taking a test came back negative. Twice. Come to find out later in life that those were false negatives, but I ended up losing her. I never told him anything. That I was in fact pregnant, and then lost our daughter. And it's been eating at me since. And lately I feel like I should tell him. Don't ask why on earth I feel this way 5 years later, because I don't even know myself! But I don't know how...or maybe if I even should at all.

Just looking for opinions on what you would do, or what I should do.

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