Giving vs. Recieving.

I have a pretty serious passion for sucking dick, but I honestly dont like a lot of things to be done for me. I get nervous when my bf tries to go down on me (even though I trust him, I'm not sure what the issue is) and I've stopped liking stimulation on my breasts. Is it okay to just enjoy giving sexual pleasure and not be a big fan of getting it for myself? I love going down on him, and all the faces and sounds he makes, but I don't really like being touched or eaten out or anything anymore. I used to when I was a teenager, is it normal for these things to change? As a bisexual woman I'm also a little worried about any female relationships I might have in the future if I don't enjoy being touched sexually very much by other people. I touch myself sometimes, and I enjoy penetration, but I dont like feeling exposed or being touched at all, it actually gives me anxiety. What can I do to get more comfortable with foreplay again?