Switching baby to formula

Okay ladies I think I have finally made my decision I want to switch my LO to formula. Right now I exclusively breastfeed & it's draining every little bit of life out of me. I feel it's causing issues with my relationship as well. I get frustrated because I am the only one who can feed baby because I'm only one with a boob & as much as I love the bond I would love some help sometimes. I've tried pumping bottles for daddy to feed him but for some reason I can't pump enough. The only time I will get a good amount of milk is if baby is on my other breast while I'm pumping. I've been pumping for 2 weeks & only have 40oz stored in the freezer. I've been stressing because I am going back to work probably next week or the week after & I will not be able to pump anything without the help of baby boy being there to nurse on my other breast. I've been stressing about all these things. I don't want to continue breastfeeding & have my supply dry up once I start working & not have him on formula yet. There's just many reasons why I think switching to formula would be best for my family & I right now. Well my son is only 1 month old as of today.. as much as I don't want to break the bond & for some reason I have this strong feeling of guilt for wanting to make the switch.. we have an appointment with his pedi on Monday whom I am going to talk to about of course.. but I'd also like to hear from some other mommas. I'm worried about constipation issues & weight loss, he was 6lbs 8.4oz when he was born, but has put a lot of weight on & is very healthy as of right now.. I don't want that to change.. I've also heard babies who have switched to formula feeding start sorting up a lot more. I just want to know how all your babies reacted so I know what to expect & also what formulas worked best for you guys? Also.. how did y'all make the switch? Please any advice would be helpful.. thank you