Just had my IUD put in

I thought I'd make this because there's several threads of girls asking what it's like so here we go.
I got the Kyleena IUD (5 year IUD for women who haven't had babies - it's new and just came out this year) and honestly it hurt like CRAZY getting put in. It was this really sharp pain, but it didn't last for too long. Right after I had cramps, like really bad cramps that I had before I went on birth control pills. I wasn't having a good time. But I drove home in that pain (and I started to get all sweaty from it too - gross), plunked myself on the bed and now all the pain is gone and it's been two hours. It's like I'm good as new now besides a little bit of bleeding.
I'd definitely do it again if I had to. Five years with no babies vs. a lot of pain for about an hour, it's totally worth it if you want a long term birth control option imo.