starting a new me

Ok so a lot of my life I've been struggling with weight in my personal opinion my body is just not what I want. When I was a little girl I was thin once I hit around 10 I would constantly fluctuate my biggest was 175lbs at 16/17 years old eventually the weight went down by itself when I tirned 18, when I was 21 I went down to 125 but I still didn't look skinny ( the scale doesn't matter) I am now 22 and had my first baby 5 months ago yesterday Ive been afraid to look at the scale but I do know I'm definely bigger than I was pre baby so For 4 days now I've been jogging around a track at my old high school motivating myself for the first 2 days. However yesterday I saw this girl at the track she had a very hot body and was flaunting it I don't blame her though lol I used to feel inferior to girls that looked better than me but yesterday she gave me so much more motivation to keep going I want to look good and be healthy for myself and my family. I weigh 143 right now Just weighed myself i do 8 laps but I run half a lap and walk half not much but will increase in time I feel the track helps me keep track (lol) of my running. Just hope I can motivate some people  I know I'm proud of myself. I actually feel good and love jogging. Day 4 complete lol to be honest my original motivation was to have a nice butt lol but after the first jog it was for my whole body and health and family. 
Before my run today 
After my run today lol I look like a mess