Ttc after miscarriage

Hi. I'm new at posting. I found out I was pregnant in Feb of this year. Went to the doctors and they found twins! Two yolk sacs two heartbeats and one gestional sac. I was so happy and couldn't wait to meet them. I went to the er March 22. I heard the most heart breaking news any expecting mom to be could hear. I didn't just lose one I lost both of my babies. The sac stopped growing after 7 weeks and 1 day. I was truly heart broken. The siblings I was going to give my 2 year old daughter were no longer there. So I been trying again my last cycle. Im 8dpo and I'm having sorry if this is TMI but my cm is a creamy yellow and stretches. It's like ewcm but a creamy yellow. After stretching it goes back to looking like a glob (snot like). Boobs feel really heavy and popping out my bra. They are really veiny like dark blue protruding veins and look darker than normal and nipples hurt a little. I can't remember any of these symptoms from my recent pregnancy because we stopped trying and then it happened. I haven't been worried about getting pregnant because in my past experience the more you focus on getting pregnant it doesn't work until you stop worrying. I really would love to be pregnant again soon. Has anybody had any of the following symptoms and still turned up pregnant?