Pregnant a year after ectopic.


So my cramping got unbearable last night and i wound up at ER from 3am-1pm. Long day. Lots of blood work and 3 different ultrasounds. And after all that, no solid answers yet.

My hcg levels went from 624 to 1800 in 45hrs which is great. However with the ultrasounds nothing was conclusive. They saw a possible baby in uterus but also a 1mm "something" in my right tube. Im only 5 weeks today so everything still very small.

Course of action.. return Sat am for hcg levels check. And repeat ultrasound & levels Tues to see if things grow more visible.

It's possible I conceived twins but 1 didn't make it out of tube or there's another explanation for what's in tube. (Fancy words I can't remember)Either way I don't know what happens yet.

All i can do now is keep praying and loving this baby or babies for however long they're with me.