I'm out this month, I believe.

Got my period this morning. 2 days early, which is rare for me. I thought forsure it was month. I've been trying so hard not to break this month, even after I spent three  days crying over literally nothing. 
So, I'm praying you ladies get your BFP this month. Because it's so frustrating trying so hard every month. 
I pray to God, he blesses each and every single one of you with a baby. 
Because it truly gets devastating each month looking at another negative pregnancy test, or getting your period AGAIN. 
All the signs were there, I felt the same way I did the first time I was pregnant, I had the leg cramps and all. But I guess it was just PMS. 
Prayers for each and every single one of you & baby dust. Because ttc is starting to really hurt. & I can only imagine how a lot of you ladies feel.