Baby Boy Names

My boyfriend of 7 years and I are expecting our first baby due in February. We are still very early along but have been talking about baby names. We agreed on a girl name within seconds, but we are realllly struggling to agree with a boy name. And if I'm being honest, if the male side of genetics is really what chooses the sex, my chances of having a girl are pretty slim! 
My choices: Knox or Ryder 
His choices: Cane or Achilles 
Cane?! Our friend had a dog named Cane. Let's not also forget that in the Bible, Cain is the first human to commit murder (on his own brother) and is basically the creator of murder. NO THANKS. And I don't want my child getting to junior high and having people kick him in the heel once they discover what your Achilles' tendon is. Might sound dumb but those are the things that go through my head. I want my child to have a name he can LIVE with lol. My boyfriend got picked on severely growing up because of his name (his name is Loren. He got a lot of : "isn't that a girls name? Are you really a girl?") and I don't want that for our potential son. 
Just curious what your other mommies are thinking of naming your future baby boys, how you chose it or how you and your significant other agreed on it. Thanks in advance! :)