Symptoms but negative test?


I have been feeling nauseous all day everyday for about 2 weeks now. My breasts are getting more and more sore everyday and I'm eating less and less due to being so nauseous. Throwing up has always been difficult for me so I'm used to not throwing up when I'm not nauseous but this nausea won't go away.

I've been trying to conceive since about february of this year. I've followed my ovulation pattern but my periods seem to be varying from month to month as much as up to a week late.

I've also had a headache for going on a week now and I can't shake it no matter what I take or eat or do.

I finally took a test on Sunday morning, first pee of the day, and it was negative. I looked at the test about 3 minutes after I took it. I know not to look at it after 10 mins. I thought there was a slight faint second line but it could have just been my eyes playing tricks since I want a baby so bad.

I should get my period in a week. I was thinking of taking another test on Sunday.

Should I test? Should I wait? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Just thought I'd share my frustration and see what y'all thought.