annoyed with competitive friend!!

So I have a friend whose baby is like 3 weeks younger than mine and he is a little ahead with stuff...already walking (with help) and cruising while my little guy just started independently sitting. My pediatrician said it's totally normal and that babies will hit milestones at different times. Not to mention she's a sahm and gets to work with him on these things with him one on one a lot and I work full time unfortunately and my son goes to daycare, though she is amazing. I just feel like she's always insuinuating that my son is "behind". I'm not worried about it but my friend always wants to point out what my son can't do and almost has a tone in her voice like "aren't you worried?" I don't think she's trying to be mean but it really upsets me. I have found myself avoiding getting together with her and her son bc of it and it makes me sad bc we are close and I would like our kids to be friends but right now it gives me anxiety and makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job or something. It's always something! Anyone else dealt with this??