21 weeks 4days my pregnancy so far

To start off with this pregnancy my 4th ( i have 2 living children 1 angel and bump) Everything was going fine no morning sickness well basically you could only start to tell i am pregnant a few weeks ago felt like a dream. When i hit 14 weeks my midwife told me i needed extra iron also seen the consultant (2 c-sections already) and consultant put me on asprin. At 16 weeks i saw my midwife heard my babies strong heartbeat was over the moon. She also told me i had a UTI tho i felt perfectly well no symptoms. Had my anomaly scan at 19wks 6days, baby was lying on his belly being his naughty little self as he always has been (hes a constant wriggler doesnt like playing ball at scans) sonographer said he was in a odd position so made it difficult to scan, on my notes she wrote that it was difficult to scan due to my bmi being 41 my bmi is 37.2 and i weigh 13.5stone!!! So then i find out that i have a low lying placenta never had this before and she passed me off to the midwife saying midwife will explain, the midwife didnt explain she just gave me a leaflet to read at home. Now i hit 20 weeks 6 days thought I started with stomach bug (this is on a Saturday) silly me waited until the tuesday to get checked as there was no end in site was really poorly wasnt sick alot around 8 times in those 4 days i had a fever, shivers, sweats, temp slightly sore ribs on my back ( thought it was from being sick) and was extremely tired. Well turns out its a bloody kidney infection an if i had gone in on the saturday I probably would of been admitted to hospital but im now on the mend.
Anyway if you have read my post sorry its so long and boring just wanted to share my experience so far, im hoping things will look up