Dakota 🎀
Hey guys just after some advice/help, the app says I'm supposed to ovulate tomorrow, my other app says the day after that. However I've been doing clear blue digital ovulation tests EVERY DAY this cycle since finished AF, and I haven't had my smiley face yet.. if I'm ovulating tomorrow or the day after I'd have gotten a postitive today, right? 
So what happens now if I ovulate later than supposed too, do I even have a chance of conceiving? I'm just so confused.. been TTC for I think going on 7 cycles and no luck but most of the time I've been going off my app! So is that why maybe I haven't conceived? Sorry this is so long and confusing I'm desperate for my rainbow and I'm just worried that I'm either not going to ovulate or ovulate way too late 😩 or does it not matter when I ovulate? Sorry I'm clueless please Help!