Anybody else worried their first trimester?😫

I'm trying to keep a positive head on my shoulders,but everywhere I look I hear about miscarriages,and babies that stopped growing and people didn't know until their appointment,and blighted ovums and it's all getting to me. I'm only 9 weeks and 2 days,as estimated by the nurse based on my LMP and I didn't even have my first ultrasound yet,it's next Friday and I'm worried SICK with all of these "what if"s! "What if it's a boighted ovum? What if my baby stopped growing? What if I just got that strong positive from a cyst? What if?" I'm starting to go CRAZY!! Every cramp or pain I feel,every bit of spotting or discharge I get,I want to cry. This is my first pregancy so I don't know what to expect, especially after I've been trying for a year. I'm just so scared of what's going to happen and what I'm going to be told at my ultrasound!!!