Grandma Troubles πŸ™„

So my bf and I had a daughter in February. We have been having issues lately one main issue is our daughter sees my side of the family more. His mother has only seen her 1 time in the hospital and 2 times only when she needs something but she DOSENT GET OUT OF THE CAR he takes her to the car she visits for less than 5 minutes then he brings the baby back. She recently told me she feels im keeping the baby from her and her family and that i never call to let her know how the baby is doing πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™„ i dont even call MY OWN FAMILY to tell them how she is doing they call me.! Plus i do not have a car to drive my daughter to and from his mothers house but she rents cars to do god knows but dosent think to come visit and he drives with his friends but dosent take her to visit.??? I work two jobs and dont have time to text and call every single person.
Them seeing her is NOT my responsibility. She should take initiative to visit her granddaughter the way my family does.
What should I do or say to her???