The most offensive thing

So on two completely separate and unrelated occasions, both my mother and my grandmother were trying to be supportive of my pregnancy in a completely offensive way. When I found out that I was having a boy, both of their responses to that were "at least Rory (my husband) will get his boy". I find this appalling. I tried to explain to each of them why I found their comments offensive, but they didn't get it. Like, so, my husband would be more proud to have a son than a daughter? A son means more than a daughter? I even explained that we had both been hoping for a daughter, but were happy with a boy too. My mom just shot that down saying he had to be happy with a daughter, but now he gets his son. REALLY?! A daughter means less than a son? Did I mean less to her than my brothers? Did she mean less to my grandmother? Well, I guess in a sense she did. My grandma makes no effort to hide that. Still, for all my mothers talk of being strong and independent, and having to rely on nobody... you would think that when I explained to her her old world views were backwards, she'd get it. Nope. "At lest he gets his son..." I love you Mom, but F you.