Sex Talk


Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how good we can sext sometimes? I sent this to my SO the other day and things got soo heated but he wouldn't let me touch myself, I almost ended up cumming just imagining the things he and I were saying 😍😍

My dirty talk: God I want to feel you so bad right now..I want to feel your hips pushing against mine and your big hand tightening around my throat, I want to feel your naked body move rhythmically with mine creating the perfect song. I want to feel your hot breath on my neck as you suck and bite my sweet spots, I NEED to feel your body become one with mine as you pound deep and hard inside of me. I want to wrap my arms around you and bury my head into your neck as we pleasure each other, your sweet smell now mixed with our own impure scent that drives me crazy. I want to hear your hot moans and sharp gasps when I pleasure you just right. Thinking about all of this..I'm barely holding it together. My legs and fingers are trembling, craving you. I need you here. I need you to hold me as I fall apart to your touch..fuck..

Also I'm a writer so I'm lucky to have these skills XD