Evap line..?


Y'all, I really feel like I'm pregnant (to the extent my family thinks it too, I basically accepted it before I even tested) but here's the thing.

My last period started May 19th, ended June 6th. I have between 28-34 day cycles. I'm on cycle day 49, I bled for about 10 minutes MAX on cycle day 34. I'm having crazy symptoms that even my boyfriend's mother picked up on in 30 minutes of seeing me.

I'm nauseous and have a headache all the time, along with light intermittent cramps. I'm also experiencing bloating, cloudy pee and thick white discharge that basically looks like elmers glue. I've gained two pounds which is weird for me, I have hyperthyroidism and don't ever really gain weight.

I took this test today and I looked at it after two minutes and I didn't think I saw anything, so I just brushed it off. Around the ten minute mark I went to go throw it away, but I think I see something? Is this an evap line or could I be pregnant? Wouldn't I have a BFP by now..?