PTSD-Lets talk

Alexis • Hey!

My boyfriend of 8 months, has PTSD. Or, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has been affected by this for many years. He was cheated on countless times by all of his past relationships. He's afraid I could cheat one day. I want to help my boyfriend the best I can but I don't know how he feels.

Last night we were talking and suddenly he stopped and he looked horrified. I asked him what was wrong but he kept telling me he was fine. When he told me he thinks he should leave the house for a bit is when I got worried. He told me he was getting flashbacks again. He told me he hates getting them because it ruins his mood and makes him hate everything. He grabbed a bottle of his painkillers and dumped one too many in his hand. He told me that he had just enough to kill himself. He hated the way the flashbacks made him feel so much that he wanted to end his life right then and there.

My boyfriend is suicidal and that's what scares me. I wish I could be the help he needs but I don't know what he's feeling. When he gets his flashbacks it's so hard to talk to him and tell him that everything will be okay, that those things happened in the past.

I love my boyfriend so much and I never want to lose him. I hate seeing him in this emotional pain and I can't do anything to stop it from happening.