Finally getting to share my birth story!


Kinsley Paige was supposed to be due 4/27/17. That didnt go as planned😂😂 i went in to my hospital on 4/14/17 @9pm because i hadnt felt much movement from her all day. The nurse took my BP and told me it was high and they wanted to consult my OB before releasing me. About and hour and a half later he comes in and asks "are you ready to have a baby?". I thought he was just joking around and said not yet! And he said well your not leaving here without one!

So they got me admitted and started me on pitocin at 12am, contractions started mildly around 12:30, at 2:30 i felt like i had to pee so i sat up in my bed and my water broke instantly. I told my nurse "either im peeing and i cant stop or my water just broke"😂😂 thats when my contractions really started to pick up. My 4 am i was ready for my epidural, i got it and they checked me and i was at a 4. After my epidural kicked in i slept until about 8am when it started to feel like i had to poop. I called my nurse in and she checked me around 8:30 and said i was a full 10! My doc came in around 9am and i started pushing! My baby girl arrived at 10:21am! Kinsley was born on 4/15/17 and weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21 in long! I was so scared about labor and delivery but now i cant wait to do it again!

(Pic for attention)