4 month sleep regression followed by growth spurt??

Sorry for the long post!

So I'm a first time mom and DS is ebf and 19 weeks. He has never been a great sleeper never sleeping more than 3 hours at a time at night (even less for daytime naps), until during week 15 he slept 6 hours 2 different day (oh the good days). Then at about 16 weeks he reverted back to waking every hour and was extremely fussy the only thing to settle him was nursing. The day he turned 4 months he slept 7 hours! But then the very next night started waking every 50 mins with an all time peak last night of every 30-45 mins and non-stop screaming!! (He naps 2 hours in the mornimg then takes 2 45 mins naps in the afternoon). I have tried walks, car rides, baby wearing, white noise, baths, changing the clothes he wears, changing his diapers, baby massage, co-sleeping (using the Halo Swivel Sleeper not bed sharing), putting him to sleep in his crib, tried rice cereal (for 3 days but it didnt help so we stopped), checked for hairs wrap around any part of his body, we have had the same bedtime routine since about 3 weeks. Has anyone else had this yo-yo sleeping? I am at my wits end!! DH tries to get up with DS at night to give me a break but DS seems to only settle for me when he is upset.

Could this be that he had the four month sleep regression followed by a "break" for a day and now a growth spurt? Has anyone else experienced this?

DS started rolling over (back to tummy) at 14 weeks and (tummy to back) at 17 weeks so we had to stop swaddling because he was rolling over with his arms tucked in! He is very strong. However, even swaddled he never slept more than 3 hours.

DS has no fever, I don't notice any teeth breaking skin, no spots in mouth/hands/feet, he has reflux but he is on zyantac and has had that since about 6 weeks and started meds at about 12 weeks, I work 2 days a week and pump at work 6-10 oz every time I pump (every 3-4 hours) so it's not low supply.

Any suggestions for getting sleep!? Any advice is welcome