Anyone experience with casual dating?


Soooo... I met this guy on tinder... We have been texting for almost 8 month now, we went out a couple of times, we've kissed and we had the obligatory Netflix and chill (once).

I like him very much and he seems to like me too. He texts me, and we can talk for hours when we meet. He is an absolute gentleman.We always find a topic to talk about and we always end somewhere under a streetlight in the romantic old part of town.

But -and here's the but- between these dates there Are gaps of 3 to 4 weeks where we only text. He has only initiated one date.. For every other date I asked him out. This is not a long distance thing.. We live about 30 min of public transport apart. He excuses himself with work and friends.. and I kind of think that's ok... but then again I'd like some more than just casual dates.

I asked him what he thinks off me and that was very pleasant to hear. But... It's still a developing. ..thing..

But I keep asking myself: how slow is too slow? Is this ever gonna end in some kind of relationship status? That's what I'd like it to be... but these gaps... I'd like to see him more often. I'd like to really get to know him.

How to I get this from casual to official? Has anyone got experience on this tinder to relationship thing? I would be so great full to hear what you think :-*

Thank you so much in advance <3