A little praise.


Bless my fiancé. TMI. He's really walking this whole journey with me ttc. We are almost 9 months in. The support he gives me is amazing. After 8 days of my period being late af came. I was devastated. I put a tampon in before bed. The pain during the night was agony. I woke up absolutely soaked. This flow was like no other. It was a like some scary horror scene. It was a hot night so I must have straddled the duvet during the night. I've absolutely ruined it the duvet and the duvet cover. Even the mattress needed scrubbing down.

My fiancé never makes me feel insecure or embarrassed. I went for a shower and he cleaned up. I've never seen blood like. He's such a trooper. Glad I've got such a top man by my side.