Best Boyfriend ever!!! ❤️

So my boyfriend is pretty scared of my family....and he almost didn't even spend 4th of July with me because he didn't want to feel awkward, but he came anyways. So...I was super super happy he came because I knew he wanted to make me happy. started to get really hot and my family wanted to go to the beach so it was spontaneous but we went!! But my bf didnt bring his trunks so he was in a nice shirt and black jeans 😂 Anyways I wanted to go in the water but I didn't want to go if my sister wouldn't go with me so I was like "damn okay" (since she was tanning) and i sat down too. Then my bf was like "no get up go in the water." and i was like "nahh I dont wanna swim by myself" and he was like "hun I'll go in a little with you" and he rolled up his pants, got up, and started going in the water. His pants started to get wet and I was like "okay baby that's good you don't have to go any farther." and he was like "Nope." and he got SO WET. and i was like "!!!!! seriously!!!! you don't have to keep going your clothes are really wet now!!" and he was like "hey. Guess what" and He went ALL THE WAY IN AND THEN PULLED ME CLOSE TO HIM AND KISSED ME. by now he was SOAKING and we both just went in the waves and had a really fun time. His clothes were drenched so we both dried out on the beach parking lot. But I just had to share my story. I know it seems super small, or childish, but to me it made my day. I love my bf so much and these little things are why. ❤️