Saving the best till last

I was married for 3 years from the age of 33. I hoped for children but my husband wasn't keen. As time went on I started to worry about my age and fertility and tried to talk my husband round to the idea of children; he responded by having an affair with a girl at work. The marriage was over, I was nearly 37 and alone. I then met a lovely man and after a year or so of dating we committed to each other. As I turned 40, the old feelings of grief at my childlessness returned, especially as all my friends & family had children. I told my partner who agreed to give it a go (he was 47) and spoke to a doctor; a month before I saw the fertility expert I found out I was pregnant. My precious girl was born last November, when I was 41. She was conceived the very first time we used Preseed. My message is that the body is a wonderful instrument & if you ask the universe, it will deliver. Oh, and give Preseed a try!