Love or Money? (Read story first)

My ex and I had been talking since we broke up. He'd still spoil me & treat me as his gf but we both had it clear we were not together. The reason we weren't is because he'd get mad over the smallest things. I can't joke to him about nothing because he takes it to the ass. Why am I still talking to him? Well.. my parents are hard workers, but they barely make enough to pay bills & stuff. My ex is basically the only one who buys me & my 6 year old brother things or takes us out. He also was the only person who supported & gave me an arm to cry on. I wasn't talking to anyone else while we "talked" unless it was a friend or school person. Ecentually, I broke it off w him because we kept arguing. I wasn't planning on falling in love.. Then, out of the blue a guy I know from my school hmu on instagram & we started talking. Overtime, I've caught feelings for him. Recently, my ex has came back in my life & my parents want me talking to him because he has money. They don't know about the other guy yet so they think my ex is the only one in the picture. What would you guys do? Would you go for the love, or for the money?

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