Both MIL's are about to drive me NUTS!


Anyone else in the same boat? I'm 38 weeks + 2 and my Dr told me yesterday that lots of walking, and sperm can help jumpstart labor for some I told them both that yesterday, and so I went on a walk this AM as well as last night. I posted a picture this AM on Facebook on my walk of my big belly saying I was trying to walk this baby out in the Texas heat...and both of them commented along the lines of.."you need to keep that baby incubated until you're 40 weeks, she has a comfy home inside of you...and she needs to bake until her due date when she's ready." Blah, blah, blah. I'm like shut up...are you miserable and nine months pregnant? Babies are born daily 35 weeks and up, I am literally 12 days away from her due date. I just am so annoyed at how they both keep saying I need to make sure she stays in there longer, as if I have control over it anyway. Rant over! 🙄