Do you believe a person should have a right to die under their terms?


My father is dying of cancer and signed on for hospice. Shortly afterwards his mental status declined very quickly and he stopped being able to make medical decisions. My brother and my aunt are fighting with me because they're making him stay in the hospital, they've revoked hospice and are trying to get him to rehab so see if they can get his cognitive function back, even though the doctors say it won't get better because of his disease process. He also just had a stroke at the hospital.

I want to put him back on hospice and let him go back to the assisted living with my mother and just let him go in peace. Why make him stay in a hospital or go to rehab? He's going to die in a few months anyways.

My brother believes that if we let him die from anything that's preventable (like pneumonia, infection, dehydration, starvation, all things cancer patients often die from) that it's murder. I don't believe it's murder.

I believe this is why death with dignity laws are so important.

Do you think people should be able to determine their own deaths and choose hospice or assisted suicide?

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