Prayer request

On Thursday, I found out I was pregnant. This is the first time I've ever gotten a positive on a pregnancy test before my missed period, and something was just telling me to take one that day. I'm so happy, and my husband is so happy about it as well. I spent a long time thinking I was broken, and that I'd never work correctly again to be able to have a baby. I've been pregnant twice before, the first time was a miscarriage and the second time, my life was in a horrible place and I made the worst mistake of my life that I've beaten myself up over for years, and repented my heart out thousands of times. Now, My life is more together. Me and my husband live under the same roof, the distance between us that caused so many problems melted away, and now we're living out happily ever after, it's been stressful not going to lie, but it's also been great. All we've lacked and all that's we wanted/needed was for us to become a true family. We wanted nothing more than to have a baby together, and now that seems to be coming true. I've thanked God and I pray about it many times about how thankful I am for this blessing he's given to us. But I've had a fear growing, that's seems to be taken over. I'm so scared our baby will be taken away, meaning that they won't get to full term. I pray and trust in God that this baby will go to full term and be a healthy happy baby, but I feel like I need some help praying about it. If any of you could pray for both me and my baby, for us both to be healthy through this, and especially that this baby will make it, I would appreciate it so much, and it would mean the absolute world to me.