advice about losing your virginity!!!

Marissa🌿☕️🍥 • art, makeup, family and my boyfriend❤️

so my boyfriend and i have talked about sex before. we are probably not going to go there anytime soon but i feel as though it will happen and i just want some advice! i know some people will say i'm young (16yrs) but i just want to be prepared. i've heard so many stories here about unexpected pregnancies, condom breakage and the pill not working! those are my main fears when it comes to sex. girls,, help me out! not just about birth control but just any advice for first timers:) thanks loves xx

edit: okAy haha i am not trying to have sex now just saying!! only recently i've just been thinking about the idea. that doesn't mean i want to have sex now or anytime soon😂 i'm young and don't know shit so i want to be educated on the matter and given some advice. thank you