2 ectopic pregnancies in 2 years 💔

Marisa 🌴 • RN 👩🏼‍⚕️💉 Married. 2 MC's and 2 ectopics. Blessed with a beautiful daughter & twin baby boys 💖💙💙

I'm feeling pretty defeated right now. In May 2015 I had my 1st surgery to remove an ectopic preg in my left tube, a week later due to complications I had to go back for the 2nd surgery to remove a portion of the tube that was internally bleeding. Fast forward to this year Fathers Day... I finally got pregnant! It took so long, I had 3 cycles of clomid, so many opks & so much tracking. Well our excitement was short lived because 9 days later spotting started and cramping and well it was another ectopic and this time in my right tube. So the same OB/surgeon carefully operated on me again yesterday and was able to save the tube but I still don't know what my future looks like with TTC. He asked me to wait 3 cycles before trying again. I was so excited to finally give my daughter a sibling, and that excitement was completely torn away from me. Now I'm literally terrified to try again. My luck, I will be the one to have 3 ectopic pregnancies. I don't even know what to do. I just turned 32 years old. All of my friends are having babies and my baby is now 6. All of her friends have brothers and sisters and as a family we want that so bad. I don't know if the fear will go away now. I'm so depressed. This is so awful.... I am extremely thankful for surviving yet another surgery, and that I have a child. I just can't understand why this has happened yet again. All I want is to have another baby 😥💔