Help please, I am sorry if I am so sad and don't know how to write it


2 day ago my husband and I were arguing for some problem, today we went out with my brother, we went to aldi, then when talked to my husband and told him lets buy a red wine just to not let my brother we don't speak together, my husband didn't answer me , I told him again hey hubby lets buy a wine he never answer me, I told him why you don't answer me in front of my brother and he yelled and he say don't talk to me respect me then I shocked, my brother didn't say anything but he say let's go to home , when we drove him to his house he said to my husband before I go I want to tell you something, i don't accept you yell in front of to me, if you don't respect your wife at least respect me then go to your house solve your problem with your wife, then my husband yelled on my brother too, my brother said please stop respect your self but he didn't stop and yelled yelled my brother started yelling on him to, then they went out of car and fighting punching each other, at the end he told to my brother your sister is divorce and I don't need her, I am sure he want to revenge through me to my brother, but after that I went home ( 2 minute far our houses) , I want to talk to my husband and keep him calm, he say go out and your are divorce. I talked to his brothers to come to my brother's house and talk to them that he disrespect to me and my brother, long story short after 4 times coming going between our house, he asked his brothers, if she leave his brother and he never talk to him I will return him back, I am sooooo sad and crying from 8:00 pm now is 2 am, I told to his brother if he come and apologize to both of us then j will go back, my husband said I never will come and apologize, I am at my brother's house niw,

Do you think I did a right situation???