I need a label

Alexandria • The pro fro babe

After having unsatisfying sex with men for years, I finally had sex with a girl n something clicked. I realized that I'm bisexual, possibly lesbian. The thing about me is, ever since I had sex with another, not only do I crave p***y, but the thought of sex with a man or a d*ck in general disgusts me. I prefer women only, but if I have a guy friend who actually mentally simulates me, I might have sex with him. Basically I'll only consider having sex with a man that I've known for a while n has a good personality n isn't a one-time-thing. But does this make me lesbian or bisexual🤦🏾‍♀️. I kno the question sounds stupid but it feels natural n right when I say lesbian, but my friend told me to identify as queer for now, is he right?