My bf and stepson.

Hey everyone

My stepson is 11 going on 12. He needs braces bad !

It's clear as day that he does. His front teeth are way to big for his mouth and they over bite sooo much he closes his mouth and his front lip sticks out.

Someone said his teeth are like bunny teeth

Someone said he looks like a horse.

Not trying to be mean but I agree a little

I've been on my boyfriend's case ab getting him braces for 2 yrs now.

I got my braces on when I was 11 off at 14.

I told my bf the longer u wait the longer hes gonna need them on , the more work hes gonna need

His jaw is still fixable right now. And he keeps telling me no no no when hes 13 when hes 13 when hes 13.

It's like okay whatever

There's this program called the handicap kids program they cover braces nd he told me they he isnt eligible. Makes no sense

I know my bfs lieing about It

I told him wrll make a dentist appt see if they still wanna wait get the teeth pulled he needs pulled and make another ortho appt to see too ... nope hasnt done it yet.

When he got a tooth pulled 3 weeks ago they said he needs spacers which is the 1st process of braces

them saying that should of made him be like oh okay they are saying he needs these now let me call the ortho now .. nope

Advice ??

Plz np bashing