Pain during sex!

Saskia • Singer/Songwriter

Since November I have had a burning sensation during sex and afterwards for around 10 minutes. It has recently become unbearable. I have been tested for STI's, I've had ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, swabs etc and I'm starting to think that I'm going to be in pain forever and I'll have to live with it equalling in no sexual activity. I feel it is affecting my relationship and I need an explanation, I don't know whether it is inflammation, a tear of the vagina or something but this pain needs to stop. There's been no bleeding and I am on the implant. Has anyone been through the same? Doctors have said it is psychological and I feel like they're giving up, they have said because I've felt pain in the past I clamp up when I am trying to relax during sex causing friction and we've also tried lube so I'm sure it couldn't be because I'm not wet enough but I know the difference between psychology and pain. Please help!