Car accident affecting periods?


I was in a really bad car accident, we were going through and intersection when an SUV ran a red light and smacked into my side. I was trapped in the car and they had to use the jaws of life to get me out, none of which I remember because I was knocked unconscious on impact and witnesses tried to pull me from the car which left me upside down causing me to stay unconscious longer. In total I broke 10 bones, 4 ribs 4 spinal fractures and two fractures in my sacrum. I was on my period at the time of the crash, my period was normal and lasted a week. Since then I developed blood clots and was put on Coumadin but I haven't started my new period which I was due to start 3 days ago but I'm having cramping like I'm on my period. Could the car accident just be throwing my period off? Anybody else have any experiences with car accidents and periods???