Please help and reply with if you see it or not it'll help ease my Mind

Please tell me you can see the vvvfl I've been having symptoms. I check my cervix regularly and it should be low and firm to prepare for AF on Tue but its high very soft and I have watery like discharge. Extremely bloated ,very tired , pee more frequently, moody tender breasts. So I talk a cheapie got a vvvfl so bought this fere and the line showed up within 3 mins. I'm to scared to get excited as I've miscarried 3 times in the last year so I'm on femara and progesterone. My 21 day test came back at 67.9 which is high so I'm praying this little one is a sticky bean my heart can't endure that pain again. So please tell me if you can see it or not to help ease my mind or you could just send me some prayers. . thank you ladies really looking for some feedback of any kind. Thank you so for anyone who takes the time to help a girl out.