Baby's sleeping patterns


Hey mamas! How often are your babies taking naps and how long do they sleep through the night?

My little one typically sleeps from 9pm (sometimes 10) til roughly 5-6am the next morning with no night feedings. When he wakes up we do a diaper change then feed him again for about 30-40 mins and he's down again for another 2-3 hours. Once he wakes up from that first nap he does a lot of feeding (both bottle and breast) then has a big afternoon nap from 2pm til maybe 5 or 6pm. Once he wakes up from his afternoon nap he has another round of lots of feeding, lots of feeding and then we start the bedtime routine around 8pm once we feel happy that he's had a lot to eat. He's gaining weight and is a happy calm baby thankfully :)

Curious to know how you other mamas are doing and how your days with baby are going?