Ok July mommys

Hows everyone hanging in?? Im due in 15 days (July 25th) and had a few really good days and now back to bad days:(. I joked the good days would be the calm before the storm and i think i was right. Went on a movie date with my husband and our 5yo son yesterday and was SUPER uncomfy and crampy. To the point where i cried :(. But nothing consistent enough to be labor :(. My OB is willing to strip my membrane at my 38 week appt Wednesday as long as im dialated some. Man i hope i am and that it works!! Sleeping is impossible, restless legs are driving me completely bonkers, legs/ankles/feet are HORRIBLY swollen most of the time, baby girl feels super low so sitting is uncomfy, and im super anxious to meet our baby girl!!! Hows everyone else??