Did BC destroy me?


I'm so worried. This is my first cycle TTC. But I'm so worried that i won't be able to have kids.

A few years ago I was on the pill. After a year on the pill my hands started to hurt. Then it was my wrists. Then my feet. It eventually took over my entire body. I was 20 years old with the body of a 80 year old with full blow arthritis. I could barely walk up or down stairs.

For over a year I was jumping from doctor to doctor just to get some answers and relief from the pain. One day I finally found someone who had the same problem. She was taking the same BC i was. Same symptoms. And no matter how many xrays they took, or blood they had tested everything came back negative. That day I stopped taking bc.

After a month I could walk pain free. By the end of the second month I was 99% better.

To this day I still have nerve damage in my hands. I'm worried that bc did more than just the pain. I'm terrified it destroyed my chances of having a child. I've been off the pill for almost 4 years. I'm trying for one more cycle, and if it doesn't take....looks like I'll be waiting for my obgyn to take a look.