FTM with grandma problems

I'm a FTM at age 36 and due in October 2017. This baby will be the first grandchild also. I've always had a rocky relationship with my mother, but things just keep getting stranger - I think - and my mother tells me it's all my fault.

First, my mother and I work in the same office. When my husband and I conceived, we told our parents first. My mother then went to the office where we both work and told all of our coworkers that she's going to be a grandma. I didn't get to announce my pregnancy to any of my coworkers/work friends. I told her that I was disappointed I didn't get to share my news and she explained that she's just so excited, she wanted to tell everyone.

Then, my husband and I go for our ultrasound. I shared a photo with my family. My mother went to work and showed our ultrasound photo to coworkers without me. She texted me and asked if she could show it to more coworkers. I told her I'd really like to be there when we share our baby's first photos because I didn't want a repeat of the the pregnancy announcement.

She tells me that she's the grandma and is super excited, which is fantastic, but I feel like she's too excited. She keeps announcing updates about my pregnancy and leaving me out of it and it's my baby. She tells me that "something is wrong with this picture" because I got upset. She tells me that of all her friends that have experienced pregnancies with their daughters, our relationship is the only one that has this many ups and downs.

Am I overthinking this or overreacting? I don't want to push my mother out of my life and my baby's life, but I feel like she keeps overstepping my boundaries and then telling me it's my fault.