My Mom Found My Negative Pregnancy Tests

Always destroy your evidence... I took two pregnancy tests MONTHS ago because I had a scare, and I was waiting to find a good time to toss them out, but I completely forgot about them. Until today when my mom was for some reason completely focused on getting me on birth control.. looked in the drawer and they were under a piece of mail marked July 5, 2017.... fml. Guess it's my fault for being irresponsible.

*** UPDATE ***

I don't want to go on birth control because I have hormonal based migraines and I would have to get either an implant or the depo shot, and I've heard horror stories about coming off both of them. I also have an autoimmune disease that affects the fertility in a lot of women, so I don't want to risk possibly screwing my chances getting pregnant in the future even more. I know it seems somewhat silly and childish, but it's what I want for my body.